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Southwire is now home to the broadest line of trusted, reliable portable cord brands, including Seoprene®, Seoprene Plus™, Royal® and American Mustang®. So when your customers need cord they can rely on, there's only one name you need to know.



Why did I receive 6/4C SOOW cord that is not UL listed?
Industry standard for large size portable cord is non-UL, but UL approved product is available upon request.
Portable cord is used for portable power distribution or any application requiring temporary or portable power. The term “portable” indicates that it is intended for non-permanent use. Portable cord is generally called service cord when it is intended to provide electrical service to an appliance or motor.
S = 600V Service Cord
J = Junior Service – 300V
T = Thermoplastic
E = Elastomer
W = Weather resistant
O = Oil resistant outer jacket
OO = Oil Resistant outer jacket and oil resistant insulation
What’s the difference between SOOW and SEOOW?
SOOW is a rubber compound, SEOOW uses a TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) - Click here for details
In February 2014, Southwire Company, LLC acquired Coleman Cable, LLC. Since the acquisition, Southwire is integrating the Coleman product offering under a unified product branding effort. Until this product and branding integration is complete, inventory may be available with either company name. Despite current potential differences in branding nomenclature, the product we deliver to you is the same reliable product you have come to know and trust from both companies.
Absolutely. Specials will carry a manufacturing minimum quantity and require a lead time. Contact your Southwire representative for a quote on a specific design.

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